Pros & Cons You Need To Know For A Winter Wedding


Are you considering the idea of an winter-themed wedding? Perhaps you were engaged during the holidays and are planning to have your wedding on the anniversary of your engagement? Are you looking to take advantage of discounts on weddings outside of the season? Or perhaps, winter is your preferred season? There are many good reasons to marry in winter than people are aware of.

There are cons for having a winter wedding too. From weather issues to a small floral options. It is important to prepare for both the good and bad aspects of planning a winter wedding. With this list of pros and cons to consider, compare the advantages against the disadvantages and determine whether a winter-themed wedding is for you…

Pro: built-in decor.

“If you decide to book an evening in winter during the Christmas season, you could be able to save money on decor. Numerous churches and venues are decorated in festive decor, which will help you save time and cash when it comes down to the overall look. If you’re interested in candles, wreaths and lanterns and tinsel, it could be the ideal season to get you and your fiancé to exchange vows. ‘” – Maya Holihan, Founder & CEO, EWedded

Con: being a nuisance to Mother Nature.

“Winter weather can be unpredictable and is prone to interfere with travel plans and other special events. If you’re hosting a large number of guests arriving from out of town, keep in mind that if a storm does arrive, you could be seated in a bare chair and have less dancing feet on the dancing floor.” — Maya Holihan, Founder & CEO of EWedded

Pro: cozy signature drinks!

“Winter weddings can be cold. However, winter-themed signature drinks and cocktails are a major plus that will keep everyone warm up! Make a tribute to the wintertime by serving mulled wine spiked apple cider or hot-buttered Rum. There’s no better way to pamper your guests than to offer them hot chocolate or coffee bar. Provide personalized wedding mugs as favours for guests, peppermint stick to use for stirring, and mini donuts to dip. We’ll be cheering for that!” – Jenna Miller creative director of The Guide Here Comes The Guide

Con: the darkness begins at the beginning of the evening.

“The sunset occurs quite early. In certain parts of the United States there is a possibility of darkness at 4:45 pm. Remember this when setting your wedding’s starting time. Make sure you inquire with your photographer regarding the earlier sunset’s famous “golden hour.” This is the ideal moment to capture photographs outdoors (if it’s sunny! ) and is important to plan your wedding around.” — Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Pro: fun accessories!

“Accessorizing your wedding dress is a great way to have enjoyable. You can add fashionable accessories to highlight your individual style and look stunning without having to think about your weather.” — Sarah Alouache, Founder, Alouache Bridal

Pro: There are so many options for dresses.

“We have many options to choose from in the winter dress shop. The choice of a wedding dress with sleeves that are removable will let you wear your dress using two ways. The possibilities are endless and fun to consider!” – Sarah Alouache founder Alouache Bridal

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