Intimate Elopement On The Cliffs Of The Amalfi Coast


Wowee! We’ve been treated to breathtaking weddings recently in Bridal Musings! This one, located on the cliffs of that sparkling Amalfi Coast, is another reason not to settle for a mediocre experience and dream of getting married.

Fabio & Manon chose a place above Ravello’s beautiful coastal village that was utterly unique. While many of the most stunning wedding venues be found in Ravello (which is evident in the photos of actual weddings), they were both free spirits and nature lovers; Fabio & Manon found an area in the open air to be in the midst of nature and take in the stunning views one could imagine.

As we suggested to most couples, moving to smaller events and elopements and getting married in a smaller setting with maybe only a few guests will allow you to go further. With no older guests or children – for better or worse, there are stunning locations such as the ones below (or one of the Scottish wedding inspirations we shared yesterday) but only to a select few.

Our Love Story

We met in Dubai for an official business trip. We reside in Dubai today.

The wedding proposal was made after we planned an excursion to this spot. Two days before the event, we could see the gorgeous scenery and thought it was the perfect setting for a wedding we liked…Fabio is from Scala, close to Ravello, which is visible from the summit of these mountains, called the Lattari Mountains.

The Vendors

The selection of the photographer and videographer was a pleasant choice as both avid hiking fans and the photographer helped us find this place. We also like their style.

The wedding planner is also familiar with the Amalfi coast well since she has worked there for several years. Moreover, she was able to get everything organized in just two days.

We questioned the photographer and videographer to explain what they achieved: record stunning views, intimate areas of sky, sea, and mountains surrounding us, and the finer details in the decorations…and to be a lot of fun. They were successful, as they told us.

The Destination

We chose to be married in the area because it’s unique. From 1000m mountains, the Amalfi coastline and Ravello – the adjacent town- are visible in the pictures. The ambiance of the refuge was enchanting to us. Its square, where we could see the Madonna and the bell, appeared to us like a place created especially for us.

The Ceremony

The ceremony began with a symbolic ritual that included an exchange of vows and Llanelli. The wedding planner led the celebration in front of a teepee-style backdrop embellished with roses, pampas grass, ferns, and Lunaria. The boho-style flower arrangement was created using eryngium, roses, pampas grass, and ferns and ferns.

The Planning

Our wedding was one of the first to be held in this area, so it was exclusive and only ours. If you plan to marry on Amalfi Coast Amalfi coastline, we recommend they find locations similar to this. I would suggest you use our wedding planner. Our budget was affordable. We hired a few pieces of equipment and took other equipment from the equipment at the refuge. It is recommended to rely on those familiar with the area and who have worked for long periods. The honeymoon wasn’t ours as we are within Dubai, and the beach one was the destination during this summer. After a few nights on Ravello and Capri, we returned to Dubai.

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