How To Live to Stream Your Wedding Proposal


Imagine you’re on your knees, a sparkling engagement ring on top of a crystal mountain or next to a sparkling beach, asking for your partner’s hand in the marriage. It’s an unforgettable intimate moment that you could live stream with your family and friends worldwide and then replay throughout your lives together due to this fantastic new concept of live streaming the proposal.

Live streaming has experienced an increase in popularity during the past year ranging from live-streamed concert events to zoom-in hangouts with your friends. Unsurprisingly, Zoom weddings and Instagram live elopements are as popular as an invitation to a wedding. We’ve provided information about how you can live-stream your wedding; however, this time, we’re thrilled by the possibility of being able to live stream your proposal too.

Be sure to follow along with our friends on Lovecast as we provide our advice to create an excellent live stream proposal. The HD live-streaming website is free and easy for guests and users to access (with no downloads required). One-click is all it takes to upload your stream, and there are no time limitations or guest restrictions.

As technology evolves, so do the current conditions for celebrations and feeling close to those we cherish. We’re sure you’ll be able to have the most relaxed streamed proposal. Are you ready to tie the knot?

Plan The Proposal

Outdoor hike? Photo shoot with an experienced photographer? A date night to eat or drink? Whatever you propose, you must be sure you have a plan to set up your phone. We suggest a second pair of hands, such as a photographer or friend, take charge of the streaming. Also, putting a photo using your phone could be a great way to create the ideal transition. There’s nothing quite like an engagement photo that turns into an image!

Let The People Know

If you plan to include your family members, friends, or even colleagues, notify those you wish to have. Lovecast will create your link, and the only requirement for your guests to sign up. You’ll be notified the day before the event that the proposal is about to commence. This lets you remain “in the moment” just in case the timing isn’t precise. Propose seem natural, and no one will miss the joy.

Do A Test Run

Before submitting your proposal, test this platform in conjunction with your trusted colleague or with someone who will be there during the proposal. This will ensure that the stream will be running smoothly. Are they aware of how to access the stream? Or where they’ll be? Are you aware of where you’ll want to put your smartphone? You’ll also be able to envision what the stream might appear like so that you can determine the ideal angle for your camera. A plan that is well thought out will lead to an unwinding day.


Naturally, this is the most exciting part. As you’ve already provided the links to your guests, you’ll be able to have a great day precisely as you planned. They’ll be notified to sign up when the live stream starts. Don’t be rushed or worried about the timing. We’re huge advocates of staying present in the present moment. It’s all about love at the end of the day!

Watch It Again & Share It!

Lovecast automatically saves your video to your phone and on the web. This means that even if you’re looking at your loved one, you’ll still be able to take a moment to enjoy the video together and revisit the moment at a later time once you’ve finished having fun.

Why Livestream With Lovecast

Lovecast is a simple HD platform designed for couples to show their love. Your guests do not need to download an app or create an account before the event. They have to click the link you’ve made to sign up. The website will take all the rest. That means, whether it’s grandparents or extended family members or those who live abroad, anyone can be in touch with them easily.

Essentially, you’re proposing to your partner privately, with no people in the vicinity. The couple also has the choice of deciding whether to stop the live stream following your proposal or to meet their loved ones or besties in the creek! We can’t imagine anything more unique.

Our favorite feature? The recording will be saved automatically on your phone and your website, meaning you can continue sharing your experience with your friends through social networking and watch the fun again as couples. Yes, it also can save the reactions of your guests as well! This means you can see those remarks after the big event!

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