Gorgeous Persian & Indian Calamigos Ranch Wedding


We’re starting to be enthralled by Calamigos Ranch in Socal. Calamigos Ranch.

This isn’t an advertisement for sponsorship; we’ve received a flurry of weddings being held at the gorgeous Malibu location, which leads us to believe couples love it in person the same way we do online.

We believe the ideal location can change according to the couple’s preferences. During the contemporary wedding, we saw a minimalist and spacious version of Calamigos Ranch earlier this summer. We’re now looking through pictures bursting with joy in traditional colors at this Persian and Indian marriage celebration.

Donya and Wally wanted a unique wedding outdoors and surrounded by their closest and dearest, all while celebrating their respective cultural traditions. Two ceremonies were held at the stunning ranch, an expensive dinner and a stunning Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. We’d say they fulfilled their goal.

Our Love Story

It was December 31st. I got ready for Terranea’s New Year’s Eve celebration. My sister was urging me to put on my makeup. I was thinking, “Since when you are nice?” Anyway, I was ready and drove over to Wally’s house. I parked my vehicle briefly in his driveway and received a parking ticket. I was furious. His companion and partner at Terranea accompanied us.

After a few hours of the night, he told us he was planning to explore other events on the opposite part of the Terranea Resort. We followed him then came to the door leading to a swimming pool. His companions were saying, “We need to use the restroom.” But I wasn’t sure. A woman was behind the door, and he pleaded with her to let the door open. He told us we needed to go to the other side, so this was a quick cut.

When we walked into the pool, two champagne glasses were on the table next to the fireplace. I was cold, so he asked, “Why don’t we sit here for a bit?” I was thinking, “Nooo what if these people show up?” He fell on one knee and…

The Dress

I could not search for an appropriate dress since I only had three months. I visited many bridal shops but didn’t see “the one.” I was looking for a simple yet elegant gown. I was so fortunate to find my dress from Oscar de la Renta.

The Flowers

The arch we had was at our reception just to the waterfalls, and I wanted it to be adorned with white flowers that were not enough to ruin its charm but sufficient. We signed with Shawna just a few months before our wedding day, and she was a great choice. I cannot express enough gratitude to her.

Advice to Other Couples

For those of us who would like Everything to go as planned, Everything will not be as you had hoped, so relax and relax because it’s so quick that you’re thinking, how did it happen, is it already gone?!

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