France or Italy? Which Wedding Destination Is Right For You


If you’re trying to decide whether you should have a wedding in France or Italy, I have a good update for you. There’s no wrong choice!

After a decade of photographing weddings, traveling, and having lived in France in France, Italy, and Italy, I can guarantee that no matter the occasion, your wedding will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for you, your partner, and all of your guests.

The thing I love about the different cultures of both countries is that both French and Italians can have fun. The weddings they celebrate feature plenty of food and wine from the beginning to late into the night (and often, into the next day’s dawn!) The weddings of the past offer stunning, historic venues from coast to coastline cities to cities and all over the countryside. There are plenty of options for weddings in Europe. European location wedding.

While they have many commonalities (i.e., food and celebrations, etc.) France and Italy offer distinct vibes to their soon-to-wed couples who plan to visit. To help us, we have developed a short test to determine which European location is ideal for your ideal wedding.

When you’ve discovered your wedding destination’s results, we’re revealing four stunning wedding locations that are part of the Heritage Collection. In restoring historic, exclusive properties across France and Italy, Each venue is an absolute dream for anyone planning a wedding in a destination.

Mostly A’s: Allons en France! (Let’s go to France!)

You’re thinking of a chic Parisian event, aren’t you? If your wedding plans include elaborate chateaus, garden events, costume changes, and a classy dance party, then France is your ideal wedding location.

If I am engrossed in thoughts of my most beloved French ceremonies, I imagine images of exquisite fashion, stunning designs, elegant couples, and gorgeous brides. Every moment could be a magazine. Be it the beautiful, elegant floral arrangements, stylish guests toasting champagne flutes, and the wonderful croquembouche that lights dancing. If you’re looking to have a vogue-worthy wedding, then say “Je le veux” to…

Chateau de Villette

The Splendor of French Decor

Just north of Paris is the magnificent Chateau de Villette. A historic estate in a forest park, This castle wedding location has two lakes, exquisite gardens, ornate interiors, and classic French architecture. It is referred to by its quaint name, “Little Versailles”; any couple who dreams of an elegant wedding will feel like royalty when they walk through these stunning gardens and halls. Chateau de Villette epitomizes elegance and the renowned French phrase “art de vivre.”

Dress for your wedding at any of seven luxury suites. Take photos in the gorgeous French gardens. Make your vows on the beautiful grounds. And then enjoy a night of dancing in the halls that are a part of history at this gorgeous estate.

Mostly B’s: Andiamo in Italia! (Let’s go to Italy!)

If eating al fresco for long hours beneath the stars in the stunning Italian villa sounds like your style and you love it, we should have a wedding in Italy!

Italian wedding couples share two things: they’re enthusiastic about and love food. A raucous party with endless wine. Towers of cheese and meat and olive branches cascade down a long table. Olive oil is a popular favorite and gelato carts. If this is something that you are interested in, We have three unique locations to suggest…

Villa Astor

Paradise Restored on the Amalfi Coast

A sparkling jewel on the Amalfi Coast. Villa Astor is a luxurious, lavish gorgeous, extravagant Mediterranean jewel. With a rich history of more than 2000 years, getting married in the Villa Astor means adding your wedding ceremony to the rich history that goes back millennia.

There’s more than just royal vibes at Villa Astor, not at all. The suites will make you feel nothing less than like a goddess. Artwork from the past of Greek and Roman antiques and furniture from the past abound in this house’s halls, while the bathrooms boast stunning marble works. An evening of party and stay in Villa Astor is as lavishly fantastic as you can imagine.

But the view of the sea will genuinely make you swoon. The property is high up on a cliff overlooking Amalfi Coast; some might say that this stunning property has some of the most breathtaking views of the planet.

Villa Balbiano

The Italian Opulence on Lake Como

There’s a reason why famous people like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen marry along the shores of Lake Como. The crystal clear lake of the Italian Alps is enchantingly gorgeous. The steep Alpine Cliffs drop into a stunning, deep blue lake as extravagant Italian villas line the shores. Imagine the magnificent beauty of the Alps that embrace the relaxed atmosphere of Italy. Villa Balbiano is one of the most sought-after estates in the mountains.

For over 30 years, Villa Balbiano has been the venue for some of Europe’s most breathtaking occasions, banquets, and festivals. The same warm and welcoming as any Italian property, this villa is as extravagant and luxurious as any European grand palace. We envision a wild and elegant wedding featuring live music and a style worthy of Vogue Italia. A getaway boat just for you and the one you partner with as you cruise through the shimmering lake as the sun sets.

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