Elegant and Quintessentially Parisian Inspiration for Elopements


You can capture the quintessential Parisian moment at certain times of the day. For example, when the streets are empty, and the light is quiet in the early morning.

Michelle Wever, and Wike zijlstra are fine art photographers. They knew that waking up early in the morning on a sunny Parisian afternoon would be a great way to inspire elopements. Michelle’s film photographs have us dreaming about a Parisian runaway wedding.

The talented team also captured the bride and groom in a style that is quintessential Parisian. Groom Martin is dressed in what the group calls ‘Creative Black Tie.’ You can find out more in our dress code 101. His black velvet Roka suits fit a Frenchman with a sense of style. Stephanie, the bride, has a similar understated Parisian style with her loose, wavy hair and chic Riki Daal gown.

Happy Bastille Day, all our French couples!

From Michelle Wever  

Wike Zijlstra and I organized this styled shoot. We are fine art photographers who love romantic and light photos inspired by film photography. It gives us a lot of energy to shoot the beautiful city of Paris! My concept is based upon the natural colors (beige and gold with hints) of Paris and blue with soft pink.  

Shaping, Buffing & Painting

Even if your nails are neutral, you should still shape and buff them for a smooth surface.

You can still use a clear topcoat if you don’t want to color your nails. It will make them look clean and healthy.

I recommend using soft pink or light nude nail polish to ensure your nails are uniform and unblemished.

How to Preserve Your Mani

There is nothing worse than ruining your hard work days before the wedding.

Avoid using nail polish removers containing acetone and toluene, which will dehydrate your skin.

Use rubber gloves when cleaning your hands or nails in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Also, moisturize your skin after every wash.

You should book a professional manicure at least two days before your wedding.

Excellent tips. This is excellent advice for grooms, who may refrain from indulging in pre-wedding treatments. However, even if you plan to have a professional manicure before your wedding, your nails and hands should be in excellent condition well before then.

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