Classic and Romantic Tuscan Destination Wedding


What images do you have in mind when you hear the words “classic Tuscan wedding”? What ideas do you have when you hear the phrase “classic Tuscan wedding”? What about rustic villas that serve guests platters of cheese, prosciutto, and olives, along with crusty bread & cheese? What about romantic lace dresses & a starlit dinner?

It’s not hard to understand why a friend, client, or colleague would say, “We are getting married in Tuscany.” It’s hard to believe that anyone would not want to visit Tuscany with its idyllic backdrops, old-world charm, and the simple but undeniably delicious Italian food. After two weeks of Chianti, gelato, and other Tuscany delights, I might be “drinking the Kool-Aid,” as they say.

Tanya and Matt had traveled extensively, so Tuscany was the obvious destination for their wedding. The couple celebrated their nuptials in the traditional Tuscan style, with all the natural beauty they could enjoy – the food, wine, scenery, and charm.

Olive oil and Campari favors were used, as olive branch greenery, and an Italian mille-foglie wedding cake, a confection of flaky pastry filled with Chantilly Cream.

Our Love Story

We are both a little embarrassed to admit we met on the Internet! We realized after chatting that we shared a lot of things in common. In particular, we both love to travel and experience many of the world’s adventures. Matt convinced Tanya to meet him, and after Tanya tasted his delicious Kangaroo Lasagna, the rest was history.

Tanya was celebrating her birthday in Morocco. We had an enjoyable holiday in Marrakesh, which involved our drone and Moroccan Police. (It turns out that they are illegal in Morocco!) After a rather exciting start to our holiday in Marrakesh involving our drone and the Moroccan Police (it turns out they’re unlawful in Morocco! We drove deep into the Sahara Desert and camped among the dunes.

We woke up in the middle of the night to go on camelback and watch the sunrise on the dunes. Matthew proposed just as the sun began to rise above the horizon. The timing couldn’t have worked out better! It was strange to have camels in your engagement photos!

Destination Wedding Style

We had visited Italy many times and knew we wanted to marry in Tuscany. After researching different venues for a few nights, Terre Di Nano was the obvious choice. We were looking for a platform with rolling Tuscan hills to the horizon, beautiful Italian architecture, and great wine. Terre Di Nano was the perfect venue.

In terms of color and style, we were looking for a traditional Tuscan wedding in a gentle manner with pastel colors and flowers.

Dress & Attire

Tanya says: “I always knew what I wanted in my dream wedding gown – elegant, sexy, and unique. Since I first saw the dresses designed by Israeli designers of wedding gowns, I knew that they were the ones I wanted to choose. And very quickly, the designer Birenzweig captured my heart.

I wanted an A-line dress before trying any on. I didn’t know that the trumpet and mermaid styles would look better on me. I was surprised at how flattering they looked. My dress was chosen because of its beautiful lace and pearls. It’s just too beautiful to pass up. After our first dance, I changed into a bit of dress with lace, again from Love & Lemons, so I could dance all night (until my friends tried to get me drunk as soon as the first dance ended).

Matt: It was a bit difficult to choose my wedding suit! As a ‘casual dresser,’ I initially struggled to feel comfortable with what I tried. After a few failed attempts and the upcoming wedding date, I asked for help from some of my closest friends. With their support, I finally settled on a beautiful Italian-style Napoli Blue Suit from suit supply. I chose a dark brown Italian shoe and a decorative bowtie to complete the look.

Wedding Week Events

We both live in Hong Kong and have friends and family from around the world. It was important that the venue could accommodate us for the wedding day and over a few days. The event lasted four days, with the BBQ and Pizza Evening on the first two and the wedding on the third. By doing this, everyone was already familiar with each other when the big event came around, which made the celebration even more enjoyable!

Favorite moments

The ceremony was, of course, the most memorable part for us both. The fact that Terre Di Nano sits on a hilltop means that the backdrop for the ceremony will be breathtaking, with the rolling Tuscan hills all around. The scenery was genuinely postcard-worthy.

The Celebrant was another aspect that made the ceremony so special for us both. She asked us to answer some serious and lighter questions about our love for each other before the wedding. She was then able to turn this into two beautiful speeches that were both directed at each other. It helped us sum up our love and cement why we are so close.

Matthew found it hilarious to learn that the band sang Karaoke. Oddly, many of Matthew’s friends love singing Disney songs, and their current favorite is The Greatest Showman! We’re still determining if the guests enjoyed it!

The Planning

Venue is the most important factor. You need to find the perfect setting for your destination wedding. It was always clear that Tuscany would be the ideal location for our wedding, but it was also apparent that we would have to work harder than ever to find a dream venue. From the ceremony to the first dance and even the after-party, many events need to be flawless. Ilaria’s team at Terra Di Nano was able to deliver everything we asked for.

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